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Omnia Opera album Release's


New shop page launched for Omnia Opera Merchandise.  So if  you  wanna get hold of the latest album releases and T shirts check the shop out here.

Recently released albums include the new double CD studio album "Nothing is Ordinary and the re issue of the two previous CDs which had  become unobtainable,  the debut album on Delerium Records the self  titleled "Omnia Opera" and the classic album "Red Shift" in one double CD package.

Buy them here

Space bastard T shirt design

Space Bastard T-shirt unveiled

You know it makes sense to walk around with this beuty of a T-shirt proclaiming that you are indeed a bona fide "Space Bastard"


Omnia Opera Re-issues in pipeline as Delerium Records finds new lease of life.


Independant record label "Cherry Red Records" has now aquired the rights to the complete Delerium Records back cataloge. Delerium Records was founded in 1991 by 'Freakbeat' zine editor Richard Allen and 'Amazing Pudding' founder Ivor Trueman and went on to release two albums for Omnia Opera which was a seminal moment in bringing Omnia Opera to the masses and a world wide audience.

Richard Allen is currently working with Cherry Red to produce a label overview box set that will be released in Febuary 2011. This 3CD box set is titled "Last Daze of the Underground" more details on this  release can  be found  here. This will be followed by expanded versions of classic Delerium albums including the Omnia Opera albums in early 2011.

It is hoped that the Omnia albums will have detailed historical notes and previously unseen photos and bonus tracks. It is also hoped that this has brought us a step nearer to the long overdue and promised re release the bands early cassette tapes which will finally see a debut CD issue in the near future. 

Link Entire Delerium back catlogue here

Omnia Opera band Band Pic circa 2010 ish
Omnia Opera 2011

Photograph - Courtesy Moggy Morris.
Omnia Opera enter 2010 with a new recruit (see new dangerous drone clone evolves article on right) and a new album well underway. alf hardyAlf Hardy second synth man is missing from the above pic and is currently missing in action, last seen providing fresh plasma for the 'Earth Lab', Alf's other musical outlet with the immutable Jerry Richards.

At present we are not quite sure of whats going on with Alf but I dare say he will resurface and join us at some point for some new sonic convulsions.

Winter Solstice Celebration Release,
21 Dec 2009

We are repentant about the wait you have endured for our new tunes but here at last are a couple of new offerings to wish you all an exultant solstice... thanx for bearing with us! As a gift to the world we duly make these songs free to download and distribute as you see fit. They’ve been a long time coming so we hope they hit the spot in the Omnia style you’ve come to insist upon. 

“Big Brother” a reworked oldie of ours but we like it, so we had sex with it, married it and started a family with it, put it back in the live set, so go play it loud on xmas morning at 6am!!
“Leaning Backwards“ we just want to show the world we can 'chill out' a bit, an instrumental laid back frequency with a hyper mellow vibe. Mountains of new stuff to follow soon watch this space while listening to these two!

Listen and download these tunes using the links at the bottom of this article. They are our gift to the world...small but potent balls of plasma for your aural pleasure, any problems downloading them let us know.

Your feedback on the new tunes will as always be gladly accepted here in Omnia land so please do pass on your comments. Happy Solstice one and all...Go Beyond!

links to new tunes... To download right click link, select 'save link as' save it somewhere and enjoy.

"Big Brother"

"Leaning Backwards"

Omnia Collectable!!

In the March 2009 Issue of 'Record Collector' Omnia Opera were listed in a special 'Space Rock' collectable's review written by Ian Abrahams. Apparently the first vinyl release by Delerium Records of the self titled 'Omnia Opera' album is now fetching £60 out there in the world. There were only ever approximately 2000 copies made and this explains its rare status. Personally we think your mad to pay that much for it. But it none the less it is rather flattering and a sort of moment in the bands history worth marking. Below is the review as it appeared in Record Collector
(page 68)

Record Collector review

"I cannot forget that I have forgotten " Lyric from Transit -

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Nothing is Ordinary released on Vinyl

MARCH 15 2019

Limited Edition Triple Vinyl

The long-awaited triple-vinyl edition, meticulously remastered for vinyl by Mark Cawthra at The Infallible Ear, and with packaging to match the original CD release (a stunning triple-gatefold sleeve, with printed inserts to house the vinyl).

Includes unlimited streaming of Nothing is Ordinary via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
shipping out on or around March 15, 2019

Availalble in black, orange or orange splatter vinyl.

BUY NOW from the Omnia Opera Bandcamp page here


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sonicroger thumbnail
sonicroger: What a superb album from start to finish!! Just shows what a remarkable group of people Omnia Opera are, Libby's vocals are sublime. Why oh why are they not doing this any more?? Favorite track: Destroyer of Worlds.

Graeme Burdis thumbnailGraeme Burdis: Just love it... Favorite track: Supernova.


Veganhead thumbnail Veganhead : I've loved Omnia Opera since first seeing them back in the 80's at TheCampbell in Coventry. Saw them many, many times. If you like earlier Omnia Opera you won't be disappointed with this album,it's excellent. The title track rocks. Favourite track? All of it :D Favorite track: Nothing is Ordinary.

Alienamongus thumbnail
Alienamongus: Good value 2CD album. Plenty of long tracks. Space rock at the top. Favorite track: Nothing is Ordinary.


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