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Red shift album coverRed Shift
DELEC CD/LP 044, 18th Nov '97

Most of the material herein is pure guitar driven space-rock with a crack rhythm section supporting, while keys provide the spaciness, effects and mood expansion.... though a very modern punkish element of Omnia Opera's sound decries AD2's raw and primitive energy. Blistering guitar solos ring out of the sky while synths dweedle in the foreground and back, with dreamy washes of color flowing over the aggressive driving rhythms. Taped voices and found sounds are used to good effect as well. Fans of bands like Ozrics, Melting Euphoria, Arc Met and the like will definately want to check this out. Peter Thele

Red Shift track listing, lyrics etc


OmniaOpera first  album for delerium recordsOmnia Opera
DELEC CD/LP 011, 24th May '93

A really powerful debut which will be surely appreciated by the "cosmic ride lovers". If it had been released 20 years ago it would have been considered a milestone. The space/time storm which casted it in our times, "only" reveals it as the new British space rock best debut album. (Stefano Covili.- Melodie & Dissonance

Omnia Opera track listing, lyrics etc




Please note these tapes were recorded back in the stoneage with relatively basic recording
equipment so the sound is quite lo-fi, a bit rough round the edges. But this did not diminish the
popularity of these tapes and to this day they were probably Omnia Opera's most celebrated
and much cherished releases to those who possessed them. They have a warmth and honesty
about them which is hard to capture with modern recording techniques... Strange and quite
understated how much can be achieved with no money but a lot of passion and creativity

beyond the tenth

Beyond The Tenth
Private Cassette Release 1986

Side one
1. Each Day
2. Oracle of Knowledge
3. Storm World
4. Dimension Door

Side two
5. Screen Dream (Space bastard)
6. Living in a time
7. What you sea
8. Each Day (reprise)



Celebrate for Change CoverCelebrate For Change Private Cassette
Release 1987

Side one
1. The Liquid underground
2. The Awakening
3. Summer of 85
4. Orbit

Side two
5. Earth Tribe
6. Omnia Opera
7. As it is
8. Afraid of the unknown



Live at  the mermaid.Live Private Cassette Release 1989

Various tracks recorded straight from the PA desk.
Ruff and ready warts and all. A full on blast of Omnia
style energy with the inimitable Mike Tongue on
drums driving the post punk mutant hippy revolution
along in his wake.




Compilation Appearances:

  • "Annihilation (Edit)" on Pick & Mix, DELEC CDD 023, October 1995
  • "The Awakened" on Fun With Mushrooms Compilation, LP/CD, Delerium Records DELEC CD/LP009. 1993.
  • "Radar Ghosts" on Music of The Spheres, Switchback Records, SW0003, 1989.
  • Radio Organ tape cassette releases 1987 & 1988
  • "Space Bastard 2007" on Active Response Compilation benefit CD for SPEAK (Animal Rights) 2007 (Available from the speak myspace site)

Related Items:

  • Omniasphere self-titled Private Cassette release 1990?
  • Ambelian (Andy Jones - gothic rock band) Fragments demo tape 1990
  • Q (aka Rob Lloyd solo tape) 1990 Unreleased
  • Ambelian Intravenus demo tape 1992
  • Blim (Neil Spragg drums) Zero / No Frills private cassette releases recorded in 1992 & 1993 respectively at Squalor Studios -
  • Mocca (Neil Spragg drums) Mr Hoho - private album CD release / Waiting for it all - private CD single release / Magazine EP - private CD single release / Cock-Rockin' beats - 7" single release (pink vinyl!) on Khopstick Records
  • Sir Real (electronic alter ego of Neil Spragg) Various releases and remixes on vinyl & CD, for full discography check here -

New releases:

"Partially Aware" Helices Fold ( Aka -Ade Scholefield & guests) Squalor Records. SQL CD HF 08- 0100, 2008.

'Space Bastard' (2008 reworking) on 'Active Response' Compilation Benefit CD for the SPEAK campaign


Free online Digital release taster tracks from forthcoming new Omnia Opera album (provisonal title- "Nothing is Ordinary")

'Big Brother' & 'Leaning Backwards' - Listen to and download these tracks here for free ( yes! really FREE)




"What goes around comes around" (unknown) Lyric- Waiting

Sample track

"Floating Settie" from "Omnia Opera"

Sample track

"Storm World" from "Beyond the Tenth"

Sample track

"Afraid of the Unknown" from" Celebrate for Change"

Sample Track

"Annihilation" From "Red Shift"

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