"Red Shift"

Red shift album coverOmnia Opera - Red Shift

Cat No: DELEC CD 044

Release Date: 18th November 1997

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Track Listing

  1. Annihilation - lyric
  2. Slide - lyric
  3. Timelines - lyric
  4. Astronomica
  5. Fly and Burn - lyric
  6. Braindance - lyric
  7. Raindance -
  8. Regeneration - lyric
  9. Shopping General (Revisit to Beldahorne)
  10. Waiting - lyric



We're on our way out the curtains coming down
We're gonna have a knees up Charlie Brown
The work is done the day will soon be ours
Tomorrow could be our final hour

Creature comforts entomb us all,
Misty stillness from wall to wall
Fallen angel (atom) of the radio clan
Genital boudoir
Preacher man

Life's so cheap I'll buy half a pound
Then I'll grind it back into the ground
If I can't find it I'll revel in my time
Annihilation welcomes with open arms

(Repeat Chorus)

It's the end of everything
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Turn a blind eye everything will be alright
Justice screaming don't let me die die die

Salvation on a stick
Religion take your pick
You know you're not alone
We can take control

Instant replay
It's time to defy defy
It's the end of everything
It's time to get on line

multi-media anaesthesia
Cultural attack
We can take control
In loving memory of justice
It's the end of everything.

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Shall we slide together
Shall we turn it on
Shall we turn it on
Shall we take by storm
Slow turn as the river runs
Slow burn as we bite our tongue
Stretch until we burst
Reach until it hurts

Lean into the wind
Lean into the wind

Shall we stick together
Shall we push and pull
Shall we run together
Until we are full
The scent of adrenalin
This appetising sin
Have we lost our way again
Altogether start the game

Lean into the wind
Lean into the wind

Shall we stick together
Shall we turn it on
Shall we grind together
Shall we turn it on
Grind 'em down
Grind together.

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A moment in time
Changes events on a future line
A moment in life taken for granted all the time
The timelines array
An infinite display
Awaiting the changes to let them freely run their own way

An image as seen
On a head fuck machine
Views moments in a time
Where there's no freedom of the mind
Spread your wings and fly away
Live to change another day

A moment in life finds you wasting your time
Thinking of the reasons why you left it all behind
Spread your wings and fly away
Live to change another day
The timeless array, an infinite display
Awaiting the changes to let them freely run their own way.

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Fly And Burn

Once in a while
Our gage gets turned
As another life
Flies and burns.

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Give, give me something more, more to ease the pain
And I'll show you hands that are always clean / lost amongst the moment clear
I can't take this anymore
I need to break away I begin to disengage
From all the fear release is here
Free falling in a gage
Atomic atomic atomic atomic atomic atomic
automatic atomic

Atomic headfix
Change gear, get a grip
Give head
Wake the dead
Come to the promised land

Dreams rust
Make over
Take over
Fall under your own spell

Rain down
Come alive
Slipping through to the other side
Comatose I come alive
Comatose I come alive
I Come alive.

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Dark and darker
Faster faster drowning under, like my anger
Regeneration, I live for pleasure
I have recycled, I live for pleasure
Regeneration, the harvest of light
I have recycled, I live for pleasure
Regeneration, the harvest of light

Like summer toys we play a while
Gift-wrapped to be unveiled
A cycle turns within a cycle
What's unknown unfolds tomorrow
Religious virus sweeping
Fundamentalism's bleeding
Blinkered by the word
A raindrop on a hot stone

Evangelical dementia
A narrow view cemented
Hypocrisy blossoms like a flower
Blossoms like a flower (harvest of light)
Blossom like a flower (regeneration)
Blossoms like a raindrop on a hot stone
Blossoms like a raindrop on a hot stone
And I live, and I live for pleasure.

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Waiting always waiting, we are,
Man took the land in just under an hour
Enclosed and entrapped it, in less than a week,
It took just a year to cover it in towers
In the blink of an eye he conquered the meek

What goes around comes around
Waiting, you know you're always waiting

Burning six feet under I am cold
Broken tied and bound
What is happening to this land
The gardens have all been closed

Waiting, you know you're always waiting...
The End, Goodbye, Goodnight, Good Life.

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Omnia Opera are:-

All songs written, recorded, mixed, produced, induced, regurgitated by Omnia Opera amidst recording neurosis at Squolar Studios, Kidderminster 1994/5.

Our quivering Gratitude and eternal imprisonment to you all, Bastards.... The following, in no particular order. Nige and Em for all the running around and white lining. Claire for lyrical inspiration, cash and understanding. Mike Smith for all the odds and sods. Captain Bagley for stage shows beyond the call of duty and lifts galore, Doug Shaver U.S. of A. for big time enthusiasm and support. Greg and Steve of Pilgrim promotions. Dee for gigs and trying so hard. Martin for all your encouragement and advice Tai for album cover design and related help. Dale (sure) for the art work and technigrams. Moggy "The Merciless Bloodhead" Morris and Bethlehem the illuminator for crash pad and food. Steve for live mixing. Isis lights "Arc and Co" for illuminater. Gasoline films (John V. Aitken, Michelle Morris). Richard and Ivor at Delerium for your patience and uncompromising prefernce for music over fat cat ideals. Thank you... Strands of mucus hidden in the sand, don't be ashamed. Fasten your mouth on snot boy.

Omnia Opera is dead, long live Omnia.

This album is dedicated to "Rockabilly Rouge", TAN, The Big Rig main man (Elsie what happens next).
It's me... Goodnight sweet man, Catch ya later.

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Expose, Winter 1998.

It's been a few years since this promising British neo-psych band out out their debut on Delerium (though I think they have a couple of cassettes before that), and in the time away the band has generally improved on all fronts, especially in the compositional and chops department, giving them a stronger footing in the fields of bands that are loosely derivative of the Hawkwind sound.

This time out the band is a lot tighter, and more original as well, integrating numerous new ideas into the fabric of their sound. The band on this recording (note that the recordings for this were completed two years ago) is a six-piece of guitar, keys, bass and drums with two (male and female) lead vocals. Most of the material herein is pure guitar driven space-rock with a crack rhythm section supporting, while keys provide the spaciness, effects and mood expansion. One may be reminded of Amon Düül 2 circa "Wolf City", though a very modern punkish element of Omnia Opera's sound decies AD2's raw and primitive energy. Blistering guitar solos ring out of the sky while synths dweedle in the foreground and back, with dreamy washes of color flowing over the aggressive driving rhythms. Taped voices and found sounds are used to good effect as well. Fans of bands like Ozrics, Melting Euphoria, Arc Met and the like will definately want to check this out. Peter Thelen.

Wonderous Stories, September 1997.

I think everyone would get the idea about this band, simply from the opening track. As well as being the full length version of a track originally on the Delerium double CD sampler 'Pick & Mix', it's also the closest to their debut album style. Great chugging, riffing guitars overlaid by lead guitar squalls, keyboard organ padding, chunky drums, rumbling bass and the innovative triple lead vocal line up (two female, one male) all point towards a massive space rock Hawkwind debt.

This is not to say that Omnia Opera are clones or cover merchants. This is simply music of the same ilk, the same branch of the tree. While remaining low-down and dirty this is superbly produced and a crucial vibe for the 90's spacehead. Calling the album after one of Peter Hammill's best songs isn't a bad idea either. Ok, the lyrics are bobbins, but no-one's here to listen to the words: it's the overall sound that counts and that's just marvellous. Hints (only hints mind you) of ambient and dance remixes poke through the shell but not in any obvious way and it certainly doesn't sound like dance music at all - that's a real drummer there! Delerium are to be congratulated for bringing another fine album into the world, although quite why it has taken two years for the album to come out is anyone's guess.

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"All my thoughts have gone to bed, clarity evades me" Lyric, Jones


Sample tracks - Listen here


*note - very quiet intro give it time to get going.
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