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NOTES ON ORDRING Omnia Opera T-Shirts

sPACE baSTARD daVE GALLAGERYou can order your T-shirt above via an online payment system . If you prefer you can contact us via email (contact page) and we will sort something out that can accomodate your situation etc.

Select desired size from "size drop down menu" then press "Buy Now". Clicking this button will take you to the Paypal website where you can perform the transaction either with a Credit or Debit card or via a Paypal account. We will dispatch the shirt off to you as soon as humanly possible...Go for it!

All sizes available, cost  £10.00 + postage and packing of £2.50 (£12.50 in total) 100% cotton, top quality screen printed Gildan T-shirts. Fully machine washable

Image is large acros.s chest and at present comes in most sizes, S, M, L, .XL and XXL. We also stock Ladies fitted T shirts in sizes  S, M and L  Don't forget to supply a postal address this is automatic if you have a paypal account, but please do check.

Note No Mens Small or Medium in the Space Bastard t shirts


Profit Policy & Transparency

It has long been the belief by us in Omnia Opera land that far to many people make a ridiculous profit on the sale of merchandise when they don't need to.

It is therefore our pleasure to sell these T-shirts on at what we feel is a more realistic and honest price to you the customer. Yeah! sure we make a bit on top but we ain't charging you £15 or more which seems to be the going rate at most gigs. So as you can see this isn't bullshit advertising hype its just hopefully a better more honest way of doing things .We hold fast to this standard and hope that this transparency benefits you and us all.

Remember we are all connected, if we rip you off we are spiritually denuding ourselves not to mention it being morally reprehensible. Change starts in small places and from small deeds, if you find yourself reading this and agreeing you know you are part of the solution. Onwards and Upwards people... Celebrate for Change

Space Bastard T Shirt

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Omnia Opera Logo T Shirt

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Space bastard2Space bastardSpace bastrad 3sPACE BASTARD aLI mEADOWS

"We get off on the idea that people get of on the same thing that we get off on" Rob Lloyd of Omnia Opera refering to music


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